General Information

At check-out, you have three payment options. Pay by; invoice, bank transfer, or credit card.

If you have an account at Coming Copenhagen we will issue an invoice, and you will get the agreed payment terms. 


For first time buying/payment upfront we  accept the following payment type for online purchases:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • American Express

You can also choose to make a bank transfer

Can I see my order history with Coming Copenhagen

Your order history displayed in your online account includes both online and purchases made with our agents or directly with the Danish office.

The orders displayed are only those made after establishing your B2B online store account

Most of our vegan leather is made of polyurethane (PU), and the manufacturers aim to combine the basic qualities of natural leather in the fabric. It is made by coating a backing material such as cotton or polyester with a flexible polymer to impart a leather-like appearance, and it is crafted using natural materials to have the look and feel of real leather or suede

All materials are ethically sourced with no involvement in animal cruelty. Our bags and cosmetic bags are certified vegan, made from alternatives to leather, and without using any animal-based materials.

We are also PETA Business Friends which means we donate to support PETA’s groundbreaking work to stop animal abuse and suffering 

We are focusing on social responsibility, and the suppliers we work with must be BSCI, ISO 9001, and Sedex certified 

Our commitment to providing the highest quality, ethical vegan materials means we will continually seek new and innovative textiles that can provide our customers with the best possible finish whilst at the same time protecting the environment  

The alternatives to leather are increasing, and due to specialty chemicals and innovative applications we can create solutions with superior durability, haptics and, sustainability

 As a premium product, our vegan leather accessories are manufactured without any compromise on quality or manufacturing 

The bags look and feel like traditional leather, and at the same time, they protect the animal world

What do I do if I have a question about an item?

If you have a question about an item, please contact your local sales agent or the office in Denmark. We'll be happy to help you 


We do not bill your payment method until your order ships. If you placed an order that was submitted but not accepted, cancelled, or is still processing, you may still see a pending charge on your method of payment

The short answer is: as quick as we can. Depending on your country and the delivery options there, getting your package should take 1-6 business days. We promise to make every effort to ship your order as quickly as possible

How can I track the status of my order? 

You'll receive a tracking link in the shipping information email you receive when your package ships from our warehouse. Orders placed during weekends will usually be shipped out the next business day

The carrier we use varies from country to country and will be clearly displayed when you receive your tracking link from our warehouse

Shipping cost will occor on your order. If your order doesn't meet the minimum order value to qualify for free shipping (which varies by country) the shipping cost will be displayed in checkout

No one likes waiting longer than they have to. You can get in touch with our Customer Service at info@comingcopenhagen.com, and they'll investigate the details of your order's whereabouts

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